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The Spiritual Scoop Issue #2 - Blessings Abound

Here is Issue #2 of The Spiritual Scoop, from December 2010. Please feel free to email us if you would like to submit a comment or story for inclusion in a future issue. A huge "Thank You" to Rev. Barbara, for all her effort on the Spiritual Scoop! What a blessing it is for the American [...]

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The Spiritual Scoop Issue #1 - Become Ordained

Become Ordained Today Spiritual Scoop Issue 1 - www.amfellow.org

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Become Ordained Inspiration

As Winter approaches and the days are dwarfed my night, many of us sometimes forget about how blessed we are.It is often easy for some of us to feel the "blahs" and find pity for our own self, let us not get caught up in these pitfalls.Have a look at this video of an amazing [...]

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New Website!

We are very excited to finally have the new web site launched. Please feel free to let us know what you think.

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